Round Mousepad, Water-Resistant, Non-Slip (Swan)

Round Mousepad, Water-Resistant, Non-Slip (Swan)

Dimensions 25 × 25 cm



  • Precise Control

This mouse pad features a micro-textured cloth surface that is soft and resilient to give you more control over your mouse. The rubber base prevents the pad from sliding on the desk when making fast mouse movements or typing a lot with your keyboard.


  • Convenient Washable Design

Designed for optimum performance and with stitched edges to protect against fraying, this highly functional mouse pad keeps a low profile on your desk. The pad is also easy to keep looking like new because it’s made of fine-textured, water-resistant fabric and high-density rubber that you can wash without worry.


  • Dimensions



  • Free delivery in the UKwaterproof mousepad

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